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SystemSaver allows you to securely and permanently delete all the personal and company data while leaving the operating system and programs intact. It's perfect for reusing computers within your organization or recycling them for other purposes.
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A Hard Drive Cleaner that Cleans Your PC by Erasing Private Data & Keeping Programs

Cleaning Hard Drives Keeps Your Corporate Data Safe and Secure

  • Erases all personal data stored by internet browsers.
  • Erases cached documents from your office productivity software.
  • Erases records of documents opened and viewed.
  • Permanently destroys personal data.
  • Doesn't erase your operating system or the programs themselves.

Finally Get Rid of That Computer Without Worrying About Data Theft

  • Securely recycle computers between employees without having to reinstall or re-image each machine and without compromising personal data.

  • Get rid of aggressive infections.

  • Speed up slow computers. SystemSaver will clean personal files and get rid of file bloat including temporary and cached files, allowing your computers to operate faster and more efficiently.

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