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WipeDrive – 3 Pass Wipe Secure Data Erasure Software

Ensure your corporate data is safe by using a 3 pass DoD wipe

Why do I need 3 pass wipe secure data erasure software?

Secure data erasure is vital for keeping corporate data confidential. Hackers use sophisticated tools that can recover client and employee data from your discarded computer hard drives. The 3 pass wipe feature in WipeDrive Enterprise makes your data unrecoverable by overwriting your hard drive three times: once with zeros, once with ones, and once with a random pattern. WipeDrive then does a verification pass to see if the random pattern was written accurately, so you can rest easy knowing that your data was deleted securely.

Is your business data really safe?

What's more secure: your business computers or a bank? In 2008, a programmer stole a single hard drive containing customer records from a bank in Alabama. Over 1 million customer records were on that hard drive. If a computer hacker or programmer can steal 1 million records from a single hard drive from a bank, what information could they take from your computer's hard drive? It's no wonder that corporations are worried about keeping information on their computers private. If you are looking to get rid of, donate or sell your business computers then WipeDrive secure data erasure software is exactly what you need to keep your data safe. The 3 pass wipe is one part of the proprietary process that WhiteCanyon uses to erase hard drive data.

WipeDrive is trusted by the United States Department of Defense

WipeDrive uses Department of Defense-certified, secure data erasure protocols including a DoD 5220.22-M wipe to completely eradicate every last bit of your data. (The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual—also known as NISPOM or DoD 5220.22-M—set up the standard requirements and procedures for all government agencies and contractors regarding disk cleaning for private and classified information.) The DoD 5220.22-M wipe prevents any software from recovering files off of the drive. There's no room for doubt when it comes to securing private information, so be sure your corporate data is safe by using WipeDrive, the number one government-certified software for data sanitization.

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